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Soundcare® SuperSpikes are available in a standard model, SuperSpiked foot for electronics and High-End models. Soundcare® SuperSpike standard models: The standard SuperSpike is proven to be extremely effective on all Hi-Fi equipments. Soundcare® SuperSpike is a low cost upgrade that will make a major difference to the sound quality of any system. The Standard SuperSpike is made in shiny and black finish. Soundcare® SuperSpike High-End models: The High-End SuperSpikes are very exclusive spike made for people that want something special. The High-End SuperSpike is hand made in Norway. The zinc parts are covered with layers of copper, chrome and a golden layer. The plastic housing is made of clear polycarbonate. The Soundcare® High-End SuperSpike is a jewel to your equipment. Must be seen!!! Both standard High-End models are available in four threaded versions, M6, M8, 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch and in a self adhesive version. In addition you can also convert M6 to M10 and 1/4” to 3/8” with our threadconverters. You can find the threadsize you need in the THREADSIZE TABLE Soundcare® SuperSpiked foot for electronics: Soundcare® SuperSpiked foot is an all-in-one spike foot for Hi-Fi electronics. The construction is based on a high quality self adhesive SuperSpike and an ABS foot that makes the SuperSpike look very like an ordinary foot for electronics. This allows the user to move the Hi-Fi equipment without scratching or scarring the surface. Soundcare® SuperSpike TITANIUM models: For the TITANIUM SuperSpikes only the best materials have been chosen to make the most exclusive spike on the market. The TITANIUM Super Spikes are made for people that want the best. All parts are produced with very small tolerances. This, in addition to using TITANIUM grade 5 in the spike (a very difficult alloy to make) and TITANIUM grade 2 (pure TITANIUM) for the based plate, all integrated in a polycarbonate housing, makes the ultimate spike for the most exclusive equipments. Soundcare® SuperSpike TITANIUM extreme model: Made of 4 TITANIUM spikes placed on a 12 mm thick disc made of TITANIUM grade 2. 3 spikes are pointing upwards and 1 is pointing downwards to the TITANIUM disc.
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