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Question 1: Why use spikes ? Answer: Spikes stop accoustic feedback. When you are playing music, floors, walls, shelves, inventory etc. start to make small movements that are transferred back to the equipment and have effects on the sound produced. By putting equipment on spikes you will have an enourmous weight on a little square area. As you know, it is much more difficult to set a heavy object into movement. The result is much better sound with a more tight bass and a clearer middle. Question 2: What load can the spike handle ? Answer: The spike has been tested with loads up to 400 kg on one spike. This results in a deformation in the steel part of the base plate of 0.02 mm which is about the same as nothing. The spike itself does not get any change at all at this load. This enourmous strength is achieved by making the spike itself with a ball tip in hardened steel and the crater in the base plate with a flat bottom. In this way we have got the maximum strength and minimum contact area. You can safely load the spikes with the most heavy speakers or hifi equipment. Question 3: Why are there only three selfadhesive spikes in a package ? Answer: Three spikes give a much more stable connection to the ground when they are not separately adjustable. It's very seldom that equipment is not steady enough with three spikes. For 98% of the Hi-Fi equipment supplied with spikes three spikes is the best. For the rest 2% they have to buy one extra package. Question 4: How long does a superspike last ? Answer: The superspike is made of steel in the bearing parts and much zinc. Zinc is an inhert, liquid material that stops resonances very effectively. Steel is close to being a static material but zinc will change over time. The superspikes have been through tests that simulate normal use in a ten year period. After this there have been no measurable changes to the materials. The lifetime will be at least 20 years and the spikes will make your hifi equipment sound better all this time. Question 5: Can Soundcare Superspikes make my marriage better ? Answer: Well, hopefully not, but there have been customers thanked us for a good product and told us that this will save his marriage. Now the speakers can be moved around without making scratches. Question 6: Can Soundcare Superspikes make a better situation between me and my neighbour ? Answer: Well, maybe. By use of spikes under your speakers you stop much of the vibrations in the speaker from transfering to the floor and this results in much less noise to be transferred to other rooms. Question 7: Is Soundcare Superspikes a sexy product ? Answer: Well, it depends upon how you look at it. But its certain that the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is much higher than with ordinary spikes. Your equipment will look better, and even if that's not the main function its OK to get as addon. Question 8: Do Soundcare Superspikes sound better than ordinary spikes ? Answer: One thing for fact is that spikes sound better than any other thing you put under your HiFi equipment. Ordinary spikes and Soundcare Superspikes have basically the same function, but some customer and HiFi freaks have told us that they can hear that their equipment has become even better with Soundcare Superspikes than with ordinary spikes. There have also been tests that have given this result. This can be explained by use of much zinc that stops the resonances in the spike itself. The difference will only be mariginal.
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